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Thomas Overstreet

Gospel Poet


A Poetic Prayer

Please Lord

Please Lord Show me how to be strong

Please Lord give the strength not to do what is wrong

Please Lord let me always stand tall

If I have faith in, you I shall never fall

Please Lord make sure there is nothing I lack

Make sure I always have clothes to put on my back

Please Lord keep me from feeling hate

I will forgive my trespasses and that will be great

Please Lord let me be able

To always put food on mt table

Please Lord give me your grace

With your grace my problems shall be easy to face

Lord whatever your plans for me be

I know you will never forsake me

Lord in you I will always have trust

Having faith in you Lord is truly a must 

Help me Jesus

(A Poetic Prayer)

Help me Jesus, for I have turned to hate.

Please Jesus, do not let damnation be my fate.

Help me Jesus, I am not evil, yet still,

My enemies I desire to kill.

Help me Jesus, teach me to dread.

The blood of my enemies that I wish to shed.

Help me Jesus, fear of my hatred is real.

Turn me away from this hate that I feel.

Help me Jesus, I do not wish to feel such hate.

Please turn me away from it before it is too late.

Help me Jesus, take the sword from my hand.

I shall do whatever you demand.

Help me Jesus, this hatred I feel must end.

Make it so that my enemy can become my friend.

Help me Jesus, for I know very well,

If I give in to this hate in perdition I will dwell.

Help me Jesus, fill my mind with thoughts of peace.

Then this hate I feel will surely cease.

Help me Jesus, a loving person I could be

If you, Jesus, would please help me. 

Do Not Judge

Do not judge anyone, no matter what they do.

If you judge someone God will bring the same judgment on you.

Though against a person you may hold a grudge,

That person you still should not judge.

Though judging others may give you pleasure,

Remember you will be judged yourself in the same measure.

If you judge another person’s act,

Make sure your act itself is intact.

If flaws in someone’s personality are in your sight,

Make sure everything about you is right.

Judging others when you are not perfect shows no wit.

If you are not perfect and judge others, you are a hypocrite.

If you want God’s grace do not judge others.

God will bless you if you do not judge your sisters and brothers. 

Do Good to Please God

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Please The Lord

Doing charitable deeds to please men is wrong to do.

If you do this, The Lord shall not reward you.

Do not do good for show to your brethren.

Do not do good to be seen by other men.

The Lord will not reward those who do good to boast.

But, he will reward those who secretly do it the most.

When you do good deeds, do not sound a trumpet before thee.

Secretly do good and the Lord will   

 The Seal of God  Play Song

Four angels were commanded,

 To hurt the earth and the sea.

To punish some of the people on earth,

Was God’s decree.

However, some people shall bear God’s seal.

The wrath of God, they shall not feel.

A person who bear s God’s seal on their forehead.

Shall be safe from God’s wrath instead.

Make certain that your service to God is real.

As a servant of God, you shall bear His seal.

Although it is a seal, that no person can see.

God shall see it upon thee.

Judgment day will not be a day to dread.

If, God’s seal is on your forehead.

This is a (Galatians 5:13-15 AV)

Love Fulfills the Law  Play Song

Love fulfills God’s law indeed.

For you to love others there is a need

For this world needs more love for sure.

Love your neighbor, as you love yourselfis God’s law.

Love is a thing you should share.

About others you should care.

You should feel love for others and not hate.

For if you hate, condemnation may be your fate.

For if we do harm to one another,

 We  may be consumed by one another.

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Matthew 6:25-3

  Do Not Worry   

                Play Song                        

Do not worry about having bread or meat.

Do not worry about what you are going to eat.

Do not worry about what clothes you will wear.

Know that about all creature of earth God does care.

No creature of earth shall be cast aside.

Food and drink for all creatures the Lord shall provide.

Keep thoughts of these things from your head.

Seek God’s righteousness instead.

For if to seek the kingdom of God is what you choose to do,

All the things you need shall be given unto 

Seek and You Shall Find

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For what you want this is what you should do:

Knock on the door of opportunity and it will be open for you.

If at first if someone won’t open the door,

Be persistent and knock some more.

For what you want to God you should pray.

You may not get what you want right away.

Just keep your faith within,

Bow your head and pray to God again.

A thought that you should keep in your mind:

Seek and you shall find. 

(Ephesians 2:11-13 AV)

Brought Near by His Blood

But now in Christ Jesus you who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.”

 Play Song

Brought Near by His Blood

After Christ upon the cross was dead,

His side was pierced and his blood was shed.

Because of sin, the lord demanded a blood sacrifice.

And the blood of Jesus brought us new life.

Yea, Christ shed blood for the good of all men.

His blood did wash away all sin.

And even those who did not believe,

The cleansing of sin they did receive.

And those whom God, they did not fear.

To God, the blood of Christ brought them near.


The  Unforgiven  Sin Play Song

The Sin the Lord disapproves of the most,

Is to speak against the Holy Ghost.

If you do this, no matter how righteously you live,

This is a sin the Lord will not forgive.

For if you want to be free of sin,

You must listen to the Holy  Ghost you have within.

To speak against the Son of man is surely a sin.

However, it is one that shall be forgiven unto men.

The sin of speaking against the Holy Spirit is an unpardonable one.

It shall not be forgiven in this world or the world to come

(1John 3:4-9 AV)

Sin and the Child of God play song

Sin and the Child of God

If you commit sin, you are guilty of lawlessness for sure.

When you commit sin, you transgress against the law.

He, who willfully commits sin, is of the devil.

The devil takes evil, to its highest level.

If you are born of God, then you should not sin.

As a child, you must be born again.

If you commit sin, you have not seen Him.

If you commit sin, neither do you know Him.

Although Jesus died to cleanse all sin;

You should not commit sin, over and over again.

For if a true child of God you wish to be,

Then my brethren, you must strive, to be sin free. 


(1 Corinthians 11:27-31 AV)

Examine Yourself

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We must examine ourselves, before we partake in Communion.

We must be sure, that with Jesus we have a good union.

If we are not worthy to eat the bread or drink from the cup;

When we are dead, to heaven, we shall not be lifted up.

Your own self , you must judge,

Then against you God may not hold a grudge,

If you are not worthy you sin against the body of Christ indeed,

That is something you do not need,

However, if worthy do eat the bread and drink from the cup,

To heaven your soul shall be lifted up.


 (Ephesians 1:3-4 AV 

Redemption in Christ  Play song

There is redemption in Christ for people of all races.

For He has blessed us in heavenly places.

Although we have sinned, we have no shame.

Christ has made us holy and without blame.

Christ has chosen us to be in Him.

Those who have sinned, He has redeemed them.

Christ has chosen to give us His love.

He has made us ready to enter heaven above.

To non-believers, be proud to mention,

As believers, in Christ we have rede

John 15:1-7

Jesus the True Vine Play Song

Jesus the True Vine

(John 15:1-8)

Jesus is the true vine and you are one of his branches that stem out.

You want to be one of those branches, no doubt.

To be blessed, abide in Jesus is what you must do.

Abide in Jesus and he will abide in you.

For if in Jesus you do not abide,

Like a withered branch Jesus may cast you aside.

When you do not abide in Jesus you will feel his ire.

Like a withered branch you may be cast into the fire.

Abide in Jesus; as a branch much fruit you will bear.

You will be joined with Jesus; he will treat you with care.

When you abide in Jesus and his words you heed.

Jesus shall give you all that you need.

Abide in Jesus and with him you shall be as one.

Things you need him to do shall be done.

So abide in Jesus and you shall always be fine.

You shall be part of Jesus, the t

Believers Are Salt and Light

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As a believer, God considers you the salt of the earth.

As a believer, to God you have great worth.

However, do not let the salt lose its flavor.

Keep it flavor that men can savor.

Salt that loses flavor has not good taste.

It cannot help spread the word of God, it is a waste.

You are also the light of the world as well.

The word of God, to others, you must tell.

Let your light shine before men.

Show the good works of God to your brethren.

Let not condemnation be your brethren’s plight.

Remember, you are the salt and the light.



Matthew 5:27-30

Adultery in the Heart

Play song

Adultery Without Sex

To Jesus, Lusting for someone is not smart.

If you do, you have committed adultery in your heart.

You do not have to have sex with someone to commit this sin.

It is wrong to feel lust for someone in your heart within.

Do not lust for anyone you are not married to.

Lusting for anyone but your spouse is wrong to do.

Stay faithful to your spouse for your own sake.

Adultery is a commandment you should not br

Play Song 

The Day of the Lord

The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night.

It will mean salvation for al who have done right,

The day of the Lord will be an eventful day.

It is the day the heavens will pass away.

The Lord will perform a great feat,

The elements will melt with great heat,

Burn the earth and its works is what the Lord will do.

The heavens and the earth will become new.

When the day comes, you should be without spot and blameless.

You should be righteous and shameless.

Yea the day of the lord will soon be here.

If you have obeyed the word of the Lord, have no fear.

And when the day of the Lord does come,

It will mean condemnatio  

(Philippians 4:8-10 AV)

Meditate on These Things

Play Song

Meditate on These Things

On the right things you must meditate.

Do not meditate on anger, greed, or hate.

Meditate on things that are true.

It is truly the right thing to do.

Meditate on things that are honest.

To be honest should be your daily quest.

Meditate on things that are just.

To do what is just is surely a must.

Meditate on things that are pure.

Purity is a good thing for sure.

Meditate on things that are good.

Do what is  good as you know you should.

Meditate on things that are of virtue.

Meditate not on things that are untrue.

Yea meditate on these things you should do.

And God and peace shall always be with you. 

The Beatitudes

And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him:

 “And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

 Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are you, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.”


The Beatitudes

Jesus stood upon the mountain and spoke to the multitudes.

He would say words that would influence their attitudes.

These words were called the beatitudes.

He spoke to the men and their wives.

The beatitudes were words that would influence their lives.

The way to salvation Jesus did preach.

The way of the Lord, he did teach.

Jesus spoke the beatitudes for all to hear.

He taught them that only God should they fear.

For those who wanted to escape condemnation on judgment day,

Listening to the beatitudes was the way. 

No Weapons Shall Prosper

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No weapons formed shall prosper against you.

For servants of the Lord this is true.

Servants of the Lord need not worry at all.

For those who rise against you shall fall.

People may say things against you.

The Lord will cause people to say things against them too.

For no matter what people may do or say,

The Lord will be with you all the way.

For against you weapons shall surly rise.

People will try to cause your demise.

However, if you are a servant of the Lord have no fear.

He will make the weapons that rise against you disappear.

Bearing Others’ Burdens

The strong should bear the burdens of the weak.

The powerful should help the meek.

To help your neighbor is for your edification indeed.

Therefore to help your neighbor you should feel the need.

The Lord certainly does command,

You must give your neighbors a helping hand.

If you appreciate the prosperity God has given you,

Share it with your neighbors is what you should do.

God does not want us to be selfish and greedy.

God wants us to help the needy.

If you have a lot of something then share it with others.

God wants us to help our sisters and brothers…

If you have much and you give to those who have less,

You are one that God will

(1 Corinthians 1:3 AV

Play Song

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift one can give is love.

This is the will of God in heaven above.

Love suffers long and is kind.

Those who love and are loved, have peace of mind.

Financial power may be a good thing.

However, without love, it is nothing.

To love and be loved is the key;

To having a good life and being happy.

When you are feeling low, love can give you a lift.

According to God, love is the greatest gift.



(2 Corinthians 9:6-9 AV)

The Cheerful Giver Play Song 

The Cheerful Giver

God loves those who cheerfully give.

It is the way we all should live.

Those who give sparingly, reap sparingly.

Those who give bountifully, reap bountifully.

If to give bountifully, you choose to do;

Then God shall abound grace unto you.

Therefore, be willing to give to others.

It shows God, that you care about your sisters and brothers.

Therefore, to give to others, you should feel the need.

Remember, God loves a cheerful giver

Matthew 10:28

Fear God  Play Song

Fear the Lord Only

Do not fear men, though your body they can kill.

For after death, God can give you life still.

A man may put your body in a grave,

But your soul God can surely save.

Do not serve the gods your fathers served in the past.

The Lords jealously against other gods is vast.

You need not fear condemnation from any man.

A man cannot condemn your soul but the Lord can.

Know you this fact well,

Men can kill your body, but only God can send your soul to hell.

A man can end your


Love Your Enemies

(Matthew 5:43)

If you have enemies you should show them love.

If you do you will be rewarded by God in heaven above.

Though your enemies may curse and persecute you,

Hating your enemy is the wrong thing to do.

Though thoughts of hate may be in your head,

You should ignore them and love your enemy instead.

If you do not love your enemies then you should.

Though your enemies hate you, still treat them good.

Though evil things about you your enemies might say.

Though they spitefully use you, for them you should pray.

Love for your enemies will not be in vain.

For you God will bring fourth the rain.

Though you your enemies may despise.

On the good and the evil God makes the sun rise.

If you show love to your enemies, God will see.

God will reward you and like him, perfect you will be.

If you show love to your enemy instead of hate

Becoming close to God will be your fate.

If your belief in God is true and real

Then love for your enemies is what you should feel. 

New Birth

(John 3:2)


Jesus told Nicodemus, “Believe in me and you I shall cherish.

You shall have eternal life you will not perish.

We You must believe what I tell you more than what you see.

If you are not born again in spirit then condemned you will be.”

Those who are evil and do not do what is right

Will be in darkness and not come to the light.

Believe Jesus came so that the world he would save.

Believe he died to clean our sins and arose from his grave.

You must turn from sin and unholy behavior.

You must truly believe Jesus is your savior.

For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son.

Jesus came to save the world and it will be done.

For to enter the kingdom of God when we leave this earth,

We must be born of water and spirit and have new birth.




Be Dead to Sin, Alive to God

Play Song

  • One thing that is necessary for all men,

  • Is that you be alive to God and dead to sin.

  • This thought you must keep in your head,

  • Is that to all types of sin you must be dead.

  • In these troubled times if you want to thrive,

  • Then in God’s righteousness, you must be alive.

  • What you must know about sin,

  • Is that you must not commit it again and again.

  • To stop sinning you must feel the need.

  • You must eventually stop sinning indeed.

  • For this sinful world will be easy to face,

  • If you do not live under sin, but under God’s grace.

Be Reconciled to God

Play Song

When you love Christ you shall not be defiled.

You shall be joined to Christ and to God reconciled.

Since Christ died for us and was resurrected,

Through Christ, with God you can be connected.

You know that Christ is spirit and flesh no more.

You can feel the spirit of Christ for sure.

For if you love Christ and his spirit is in you.

Your sins are forgiven and you are like new.

When you reconcile with God you are delivered from sin.

You become a new person; you are born again.

To glory for God in appearance alone is not smart.

You must glory for God and Christ in your heart.

 If Christ you have true love for

Then for Christ you must be like an ambassador.

If you believe the voice of Christ should be heard

You must praise him and preach his word.

If you do not sin and trust Christ all the while,

Then with God you will surely reconcile. 


(2 Corinthians 10:3-6 

Play Song

The Spiritual War

Although we walk in the flesh, we must fight a spiritual war.

For in these times, we need to fight against evil, ever more.

For our weapons of warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God.

We must fight evil with an iron rod.

All disobedience to God, we must avenge.

To the disobedient, in Gods behalf, we must get revenge.

All thoughts of obedience to Christ, we must bring into captivity.

Fighting the spiritual war, must be our daily activity.

Yea brethren, we must fight evil for sure.

We must be stead fast, in fighting the spiritual war.



John 10:7-12

Jesus The True Shepherd

“Then said Jesus unto them again, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep.

 All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.

I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd gives his life for the sheep.

 But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, sees the wolf coming, and leaves the sheep, and flees: and the wolf catches them, and scatters the sheep.”

The True Shepherd

Play Song

Jesus is the true shepherd so let him lead you.

To follow Jesus is the righteous thing to do.

You must trust and be his sheep.

If you love and trust Jesus your sole he will keep.

 Jesus the true shepherd will never leave your side.

When there is danger the false shepherd will run and hide.

The false shepherd will lead you astray.

However, Jesus will be with you all the way.

Yes Jesus is the shepherd that is good.

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